Mission Critical Care

50ml Vial

50ml Vial

Purposefully built
for the intensive care setting

Led by experts. Years of incremental innovation.
Sinora® is the materialisation of
our critical care mission.

Premix TM as the future standard
in critical care

No dosing calculation. No drug preparation. No multiple ampoules.
Standardised concentrations of Premix ready-to-use noradrenaline.
4mg/50ml noradrenaline and 8mg/50ml noradrenaline.
Perfect volume for automatic infusion pumps.

Thought and built
for better patient care

Sinora® is preservative free.
Sinora® is sulphite free.

Smart thinking and innovative pharmaceutical technology improve critical care.

Istinto® programme
impact in
intensive care

Guided by Sintetica know how.
Package designed for ambient storage.
Safety standard vial.
International colour code. Easy-to-read labelling.
Peel-off label for the syringe.
Adverse events should be reported to the local regulatory authority. Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard. Adverse events should also be reported to Sintetica Limited Medical Information on
+44 (0) 204 537 4504 or via e-mail to medinfo@sintetica.co.uk

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