Value Proposition

The culture of Sintetica and all its fundamental strategic choices are firmly based on respect.
Respect is, therefore, the core value of the company. This core value is within each and every employee.
Respect enhances the inherent characteristics of each member of the Sintetica team.

Respect for each other’s work and efforts at Sintetica, and respect each other’s individual pursuits and responsibilities, are part of Sintetica being “a great place to work”.
Sintetica fosters activities which create a dynamic environment in which to workand for employees to express themselves.

There is great respect for patients who are being treated with Sintetica therapies around the world. Patients and health care providers require the highest quality products and Sintetica is investing in innovation to continually improve products, options and solutions.

Sintetica respects our local and global partners. Sintetica operates with loyalty, ethics, and provides both operational and developmental support of advanced go-to-market strategies with our partners around the world.


Value Proposition

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