The Environment

We are committed to environmental protection across the product lifecycle, from R&D, through manufacturing, marketing, use and ultimately disposal. We are also committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations by reducing the carbon footprint and natural resource demands of our own and our suppliers' business activities.

For example, we work to reduce our carbon footprint and our use of natural resources brings benefit for the environment and for our business from the associated cost efficiencies.


Manufacturing site
powered by Green Energy
At the end of 2013 Aziende Elettriche Ticinesi has installed a large photovoltaic system on the 1000m2 roof of our Mendrisio HQ; this system can generate up to 50KWh and all the energy produced is then transferred to the local utility grid. This is part of our contribution towards a more sustainable economy. In exchange, all the energy we buy from the grid is 100% certified from renewable sources.
In our manufacturing site in Couvet, NE, 100% of the electricity we use is certified from renewable local sources. Further, we have installed in 2012 an innovative heat recovery system which sources heat produced in the autoclave and distributes it in the building heating system. This innovative solution allows us to heat the building during the whole winter season (which can be particularly cold in this part of Switzerland) without using any fossil fuels.

In both Mendrisio and Couvet we make sure all our waste is collected separately and recycled appropriately. Additionaly in Mendrisio we offer a free charging system for plug-in cars, both for our visitors and for our employees, as well as two sparking/still water sources which have eliminated the usage of bottled water.


A win-win approach

Our work to improve the environmental profile of our activities at 360° means we are helping to safeguard the environment for future generations, we are protecting our business against potential long-term financial and reputational risk and we are reducing our operational costs. A win-win approach which is the base of our culture and the way we operate.

The Environment

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